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Penguins of the North (PotN) is the peak in penguin puzzle platforming! As the first adventurous band of penguins to reach the North, you must help lead these poor fellas through a new wild frontier filled with interesting puzzles and evil enemies.

The twist? Players must control all penguins at the same time with just one controller (hey, no one said these were the smartest penguins). However, these penguins are adaptive and possess unique abilities to help them overcome new challenges they encounter on their journey. Find a way to utilize their penguin powers wisely to grab the key of each level and reach the exit, all while keep them alive (well as many as possible…).

Can you help these penguins survive the North?


By the end of the development, the full game will be featuring:

  • 150 unique levels to master across many different environments
  • Local 4-player Coop: Join forces with your real-life penguin or non-penguin friends to challenge the Northern frontier together!
  • 10 adorable penguin types each with different abilities: Volunteers, Sliders, Egg Holders, Fatties, Babies (aww), Flying Dudes, and more!
  • Many not-so-adorable penguin-eating animals (gasp!)
  • Xbox controller support
  • Leaderboards
  • 50 Steam Achievements
  • Level Editor
  • Did we mention penguins were in the game?

While it seems not big enough, but the game content, and the none exposed stuff, is enough to make is massive ;)

Penguin protectors unite!


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